"mariana ep"





Take me back to someplace clear 

Whisper your dark walk me though the fear 

There's an open hand that you discovered 

Aching for the world uncovered 



When it died I learnt 

to say goodbye to love 

she burnt a hope again 

To tighten up my pride 

and all these streets take me back 

It takes me back 



Certainty we cannot know 

It's to far gone for letting go

Wanting set the field on fire 

Showed me how to take it higher 


Falling wide eyed 

Can't let it pass before I tried

I've taken it all in 

As much as the one thing  



where it all began 

Did you find again? 

I can’t pretend 





Black Seas churning Marianas will 

Flower of the sea caught her spell 

I Found it all in two hands that hold the flame 

It's Never the same love twice been asking again 


oh white shell 

Don't wait with the waves and tide tomorrow 

How could I tell you the things that lie so deep?...in here...

Mmm Would you care 



A story we hold a devil between the light 

Lifted up but lost the gold in the fight 

These works of man been going their way 

The words of the world what would she say ?


...Mmm would you care 




awaken to the sound of early rain

Shadows fighting on the earth again

The solitary spites with heavens gaze

I Knew it once before but all must change


Cos these are all the days come true

The seven words found something new

It's always heaven or hell

But in between I can't tell ...

In beauty's spell



I got a feeling It's going my way

I got a woman lovely as she's made

Pushing on the thoughts Carving out the time

It's too soon to fall again wait a minute I'll be fine








Words may fail but some don't depart 

Maybe your touch burnt the eight on my heart

We all want to find something , someplace to be

I had a vision there you where laughing with me 


Where do we go when we its over and done ? 

What do we learn if it's all just for fun?  


It's too hard she said to take this higher

There's too much here in tangled up desire 

How can I be what you see? 

When we're two worlds apart 


These lips won't speak of the feeling no more 

I can't bring it back like it was before 

Whos to say what works in the end 

You Can't live your life dying to live again  


How do we go when it's over and done? 

What do we learn if it's just for fun? 


On the outside people rush by 

I saw colours I felt come alive

in the moment you looked at me 


In worlds apart 

We're worlds apart 

In worlds apart  



no smoke without fire


I was only following the hope for WHAT it should be 

I was only following those eyes that chase the dark outta me 

Ive seen It all now how deep beauty can touch 

How we moved in the comfort of much 


I held the light in my hands 

New sun rising 

Help me understand your song

Beating in me a luck 

that you made me believe 



it's too late before it's now gone

Hoping for a chance to carry on

Did you know this was all it could be?


It's too late the thought is gone

Time is borrowed and love is young

A shadow in desire

No smoke without fire...MMM  


so Last touch don't ask me why 

The winter flowers turn and die 

i carry yhe weight here in the fight instead 

Everybody wants the world like she said  


So Save it for someone that's right 

It's not a choice so don't decide 

cos your gonna do what you want


...no smoke without fire